Divi Review – Make the Most Out of Your WordPress Theme

WordPress is popular for providing a diverse array of themes for users to install. But you should look at how well you’re going to make Divi work for your needs. You can utilize the Divi program for helping you to make the most out of your WordPress theme.

The design that Divi offers helps you with getting the most out of your WordPress effort. Divi helps you to analyze your content and plan a unique visual display that will make your site more attractive and unique.

The main goal of using Divi is to help you with producing a WordPress theme that is different from what you might expect elsewhere. Divi helps you to produce a real time design setup while using a click-and-type design. You will click on different spots on the program and then type in the content that you wish to utilize. The simplicity and control that comes with Divi makes it a solution for your programming desires unlike anything else.

Divi Features

What does Divi have to offer for your WordPress demands? To start, Divi is a program that gives you full control over how well you’re producing your themes for WordPress use:

  1. You can use Divi to get real time feedback on your theme creation efforts.

Divi lets you review what is happening in real time. The layout is updated on screen to let you know when you’re going to make things work.

The feedback helps you to identify the breakpoints that you want to utilize. You can use this to edit the content on your site accordingly and to produce mobile breakpoints to make your content more attractive.

  1. You can customize anything that you might come around.

You can customize every element on your Divi platform. You can adjust the size of the font, the colors you utilize, the spacing on your space, and much more. You can also apply a customized CSS setup on your page when used right.

The website for Divi states that you can use 46 content elements. You can use these elements as well as you see fit. The setups can be adjusted based on factors like the graphics you want to utilize and how well a layout might work.

The content elements that you can utilize for your work include the following points:

  • Audio player
  • Blog layout
  • Call to action point
  • Email fill-in spot
  • Gallery section
  • Shopping point
  • Video display point

You have many options to work with here so you’ll have more control over the content you want to introduced on your page.

  1. Various premade layouts are included.

You can use one of more than twenty premade layouts on Divi. The program provides you with these layouts as starting points for how you’re going to make your content work right. The layouts can be planned as well as you desire, but it helps to note what’s available for your functionality.

  1. Import and export functionality are included.

You can import and export the content on your site in moments. You can take any template that you have from another website and import it to Divi for you to adjust and control to make as your own. You also have the choice to take older websites that you have produced and to move them to your computer so you can edit the content on Divi.

Divi Editing Considerations

The editing efforts that you will put into your template with Divi should not be hard to follow. You can use Divi to adjust everything on your site with features like the following:

  • The heights and widths around your site can be dragged around anywhere.
  • The in-line editing feature provides you with a control panel similar to what you might find on a traditional word processing program. The controls here are self-explanatory.
  • The user interface on Divi can be adjusted to fit your needs based on whatever you utilize the most.

A Full Community

You also have support from an extensive community at Divi. The program helps you to share and download template layouts from other groups. You can use this to give yourself the control you deserve for producing an attractive website through the Divi setup.

You can also look at the Divi blog to find information on different templates that are being highlighted by the group. The blog has full details on everything people can do when finding ways to make their Divi sites more attractive and useful.

Divi Support

The blog that Divi operates is useful, but there is more to the Divi setup that deserves to be noted. You can use the support services that Divi offers to help you with making the most out of your experience with this popular program. You can take advantage of many things when you work with Divi for your use:

  • A live chat service is available to help you get in touch with professionals for when you need extra help with getting your blog operating right.
  • You can also use the Ask the Community section to contact the Divi community for assistance with different points about the program. The user community is very active and provides many useful points for helping you use Divi right.
  • The full documentation for Divi is available online. You can use the technical details in the documentation to find specific answers surrounding certain problems or concerns you might have when using Divi.
  • You also have the choice to send a message to the team by email if needed.
  • A full FAQ is on the Divi website as well.


You can get Divi to work for $89 per year. You can get this with all the different themes and plugins associated with Divi, but this makes for an appealing affordable option that you can use for your desire.

Divi does not appear to charge anything else for its services. You should get more out of this program with the simple interface and design that it incorporates and how well the layout can help you with getting new templates and other plans laid out for your basic use.

You can also utilize a free trial. The trial only lasts for a few days, but you should get a clear idea of what makes Divi ideal for your use when you use the program long enough.

Demo Point

Divi offers a free demo for you to use when figuring out how the program works. You can use the demo on your browser to see how you can control different parts of a site and how individual sections can be adjusted and moved around among other points. The thorough support that you will get from the demo will help you get used to what makes Divi special.


  • The interface responds to changes immediately.
  • The layouts included are diverse in quality and arrangement.
  • You do not have to wait to load new pages.
  • The price is very low in value when compared with many other options.
  • The functionality of the program provides you with various features for making it easier for your use.


  • The FAQ segment of the Divi website is not as comprehensive as it should be.
  • The technical data on the site is not overly thorough.
  • The results that you get off of the app will heavily vary based on the particular program or setup that you use this on.

A Final Word

You should look at how well the Divi program can work for you when you’re aiming to make the most out of your Divi content. You need to look at how well you can get the Divi setup working so it becomes easy for you to make it work right. It is not hard to handle when you consider what makes it appealing and how the program gives you more control over your designs.

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